Last week, we decided to start doing the show every weekday. We believed that the amount of audience that we had per show the past month that it would be a good idea to do the show 5 times a week opposed to 3 times a week to be better able to grow the show faster.

We mainly made this decision to test to see what works. What’s weird and frustrating about the internet and growing a business that is solely internet driven is that you never really know what the audience will be when you decide to do something a certain way. Being a business that makes our money from online platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, and a lot of other amazing platforms.

Online multimedia is a confusing world. Our company has done multimedia before but only in the past 2 years, we have been making our money mainly from online properties. We love the internet and the opportunity that it gives us. We realized that the show can be done 3 times a week with highlights that we’re going to call ‘Quick Hit’s” on the days when we don’t have a new show. Here’s an example:

Monday – New Show

Tuesday – Quick Hit

Wednesday – New Show

Thursday – Quick Hit

Friday – New Show

Going back to 3 times a week doesn’t mean that we’ll always be doing it this way, we are going to go back to everyday when we get on more radio stations and when we are making more money from the show to be able to hire more people to help produce the show so we can be better able to serve the audience. The audience pays us with their time and we want to make sure to never waste the audience’s time. We will continue to give you- The audience something that is real and authentic and bring us all together with stories.