Dr. Drew Pinsky, the well-known on-air medical professional who recently called into question the state of Hillary Clinton’s health, is learning what happens when you speak openly about the Democratic nominee.

Just days after Pinsky appeared on KABC to say that he was “gravely concerned” about Clinton’s health, CNN canceled his six-year show, effective September 22.

One could argue this was just a contractual issue that had been in the works long before Dr. Drew’s Hillary-comments, but the network itself hasn’t even said that. Rather,  CNN executive vice president Ken Jautz gave no specific reason for why he canceled Dr. Drew’s show. Even the left-leaning Washington Post found the timing suspect:

CNN Money, in its reporting of the announcement, connected it to a broader shakeup at HLN, including the end of Nancy Grace’s flamboyant show devoted to criminal court cases.

But the decision came eight days after Pinsky’s comments on a radio show on Aug. 17 questioning the health and medical care of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president. After looking at bits and pieces of Clinton’s health-care records she made public in 2015, he said he was “gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.”

The Post noted that Dr. Drew’s comments paired with the Trump campaign’s portrayal of Clinton as lacking the “mental and physical stamina” needed to perform as president.

Also telling is that Dr. Drew’s KABC episode has since been removed from the station’s website, according to the Post. A search of the KABC site on August 26, confirms that indeed “0” search results are returned for Dr. Drew Pinsky’s episode or segment interview.  For those who missed it, Dr. Drew’s interview can be viewed here on TruthRevolt. 

Recall that just days prior to Dr. Drew’s KABC appearance, CNN’s Don Lemon practically begged the celebrity physician to diagnose Donald Trump with a mental health disorder. Is the implication that if Dr. Drew obliged, and then stayed mum on Clinton, that he would still have his CNN show right now?

A rhetorical question, to be sure.

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