For the last 2 and a half years now, I have been involved with online media. At first it was only in the aspect of Video and recently, we have gone back into doing online Audio. I.E., Podcasting and online radio.

Some people want to know how to make it big in radio or how to get their message out on TV and etc. The answer is an uncommon one and it isn’t the most popular idea- Start a show on YouTube or a Podcast on SoundCloud and use the RSS feed link that is given to you by SoundCloud and use it to get your show on iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn and other apps!

The internet is an interesting place in regards of trying to make a business off of online content that you provide for free to whomever would want to see it or listen to it, and in return hope that people will buy your promotional products, become patrons or your sponsors but there is no guarantee of any return of any kind. That’s called risk and it’s also called being a business.

Most people who make online content have no way of knowing how well something will do. What is weird about the internet is that you can put all of your life’s savings into a short film and put it up on YouTube, use all the good tags and get almost no response on it. No views, no comments, and no likes. So, the question you might have is, how will you be able to make something, put it online and have a good response to it? The answer is digital marketing. Meaning, be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and almost all of the social media that you can possibly think of to be able to promote your show, your short film, or your business so you can be able to return a massive profit.

Let’s look at it this way… if you started a lawn mowing business, you have your gas, your equipment and everything you need to be able to mow grass. But you don’t have any lawns to mow for profit. Now the question becomes, how do you get lawns to mow? The answer is to promote your business. Promote on Facebook to your friends, family and go around the neighborhood and don’t go to every house, just go to houses that have grass that looks like it hasn’t been mowed in a while. Some people, me included, don’t like to mow grass so they get someone else to do it, they might be elderly and can’t mow their own grass and don’t have any family that lives close by to be able to help them out and now the grass for them.

If you think in entrepreneurial terms, you would see that as profit. This is the same concept with online video or audio, you have to promote your show, short film or whatever it is. Promote on Social Media, get it out via word of mouth and other different ideas. Here’s why most businessmen and women are so successful — they think outside of the box. Your idea, your business, whatever it may be, you have to think outside of the box. There is no box too big to too small the be able to fit your idea that you have, your vision for your business, short film, etc.

Anytime that you make online video or audio, think of it as a business and how can you get as many people as possible to watch and/or listen to your content and go about ways of trying to get people over to your channel, your website and get buying your products and whatever it may be. The key is to get them to want what you’re providing and get them to like it so much that they keep coming back. Do they like what you’re saying, are they just there to cause chaos and be rude or are they there because they genuinely want to see your videos and hear what you are saying and help provide you with a megaphone, of sorts, to help you spread your idea or opinion, share the love you have of video games and hopefully, build a community of people who care and respect you as an authority figure in your specific topic or topics.

So in conclusion, ask yourself this question — ‘Will you leave this world better than how you came to it?’ Did you make someone laugh, did you keep someone from killing themselves? Did you do all that you can to keep yourself from always working, doing something that you hate and honestly don’t want to do? Make this life all that it can be, be authentic and never compromise on what you feel is real. Do your work and make sure you do it well.